Our Mission
We are utilizing the power of the internet to develop a system uniting all charities and activists into a global force able to collectively solve the world’s problems in the most efficient and effective manner. 
Meet the Founders
CEO & President
Global Strategy Advisor
Global Finances Advisor
User Acquisition and Marketing Advisor
Tech Strategy Advisor
We are a team of polymaths that values diversity of the mind. We are agile, adaptive, and organized thinkers who are constantly adding new skills to improve ourselves and those around us.
Diversity: Everything is connected, so become a master at connecting the dots.

Innovation: Harness technological advancements to deliver cutting-edge products and perspectives.

Agility: The wrong answer is one step closer to the right answer.

Global Cognizance: There are 5,502,532,127,000,000 sq. ft. in the world, our bodies occupy 1sq.ft. , but the reason we travel is to see the others.

Curiosity: 10 great questions are worth more than 1,000 easy answers.

Socially Responsible: Understand your worth, to understand why your global contribution matters.

Communication: Break barriers through language to solve more complex problems.

Transparency: People may be able to say one thing and mean something else, but through videos and numbers the truth can always be found.

Accessibility: Empower the giving experience through otherwise hidden news.

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